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The Mission in Mozambique

Nearly one billion people worldwide can't study the Word of God because they can't read.  This is especially true in Mozambique, where just 20 percent of the population is considered literate.  Mozambique now has one of the fastest growing churches in all of Africa, but due largely to a lack of access to the Scriptures, spiritual growth and discipleship has been severely hampered.  In Mozambique, as in many parts of the world, making the Bible available means providing the Scriptures in audio form.  As director of African operations for Audio Scripture Ministries, Chad oversees audio scripture recording and distribution projects throughout Africa.  He travels from his base in Mozambique to new project locations in order to set up recording and distribution programs and train personnel in recording and techniques.


Letter from our Missionary Chad Vanden Bosch

July 25, 2014

Dear Friends,

I can't even begin to imagine what amazing things that must have taken place in the spiritual realm today! Most of you received an email from me just this morning talking of the injustice of our adoption case and asking for prayers for that process. Barely an hour after sending that message, Dara and I picked up Nede from school and went to go visit the court one more time. It was Friday afternoon and honestly, we weren't really expecting much. When we got to the court  it was almost completely empty. The one lady there told us just to wait. We waited for a while and another worker arrived and asked if we were here to see the judge. We said yes and he indicated that the judge had left the court early for the weekend, but that he would try to call. A few minutes later he came out saying he had talked to the judge and the judge had said the judgement had been made, but not printed and we should come back on Monday. As we walked away from the court we joked that at least we had some good news to keep us positive for the weekend, even if we were disappointed once again on Monday. We had a few stops to make before going home and as we were picking up a few groceries, I received a call from our lawyer. He told me that the judge had called him saying that he was writing the judgment and wanted to know what Nede's name would be after the adoption. He asked me to send him a text message with the name, which sounded like a step in the right direction. Then I asked if I should go on Monday morning and he said, "it is best to go now if you can get there before 3:30." I checked my watch and it was 3:16. I ran to find Dara and Nede and dropped two loaves of bread in the cart as I said "The judge is in the court and may have our papers, I need to go!" I left them at the store, which is just a few minute walk from our house, and rushed across town to the court. Sure enough, the judge was there busy working on a document. He asked where Dara was and that she needed to be here too. I quickly called her and she and Nede rushed over. The judge printed off some documents and ushered us into his office. He sat us down and as he signed the papers he toldus how the case had been a tough one and he had deliberated a lot, but in the end he had to look at what was best for Nede and without a doubt it was for her to be adopted by us! We talked for just a few minutes and he handed us the signed papers before putting on his headphones, locking his office and bidding the court staff a nice weekend. We stood there in shock! The papers that Dara and Nede have been fighting for, for almost 3 years, in our hands! We have no idea what happened, what prompted the judge to come back to the office to finish the papers. Why today, especially after sitting on these papers for so long... it is only by the hand of God! We still can hardly believe that we have the judgement in our hands, saying that Nede is what we have always known she is...our child! We still need to go back to the court on Monday to pay the last fees and pick up or adoption certificate, but those are now just formalities.

Wow! What an amazing day. We have all just been in a bit of shock, but tonight as we were praying with Nede before bed, I think it finally sunk in. During the middle of the prayer, Nede said, "Clap hands for Jesus and what He did for us!" We couldn't help but give a cheer and to clap our hands because God really did show us His power today. After leaving Nede in her room, Dara and I went to wash up the dishes and from Nede's room we could hear her making up her own praise song to God for all He had done for her. What an amazing testimony we have to share! God has done this. He has changed hearts and has indeed stood for justice. We will give praise to Him the rest of our lives for He is faithful and He does indeed have good plans...even if they are not in our timing. Thank you so much for your heartfelt prayers on our behalf. We have been so blessed!

Blessings, Chad, Dara and Nede (the newest Vanden Bosch)

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